Microsoft will launch an image generator in its Edge browser

Microsoft will launch an image generator in its Edge browser, it will run on DALL-E 2 neural network than write on the

Microsoft continues to develop its Edge browser and search engine Bing. An image generator based on the popular DALL-E 2 neural network will soon be available. The system is called Image Creator and will be able to create images in seconds and with an unlimited number of attempts.

Apparently, it will be a browser extension available in the sidebar. Some users have already accessed it, and by the end of the month it will be added to everyone.

Microsoft has already shared a few videos showing the features of the program. You can see them below. The source does not provide technical parameters of the images, so it is not clear what the resolution of the generated images will be and what languages will be supported.

At the same time, the company has already said that the system will not create images of weapons, naked bodies, sexual content or other offensive and shocking things.